mallam-temple13-copyMALLAM is a beautiful place where the temple of lord Subrahmanyeswara swamy is situated.This village is in nellore district of andhrapradesh is geographically situated between nayudupeta and duggarajupatnam. It is 96 kms from nellore.frequently buses are available from nayudupeta,which is 30 kms away from Mallam. any train or bus going to chennai will stop at nayudupeta. The way from nayudupeta to this temple is covered with kalakalapudi forest area leaving u amazed by its beauty.

Now lets talk about temple.

The idol in the temple is a swayambhu. The legend is as follows…the lord kumara has killed two demons here with his sakthi weapon . one of d demons named mallasura prayed god that his name should become eternal lord kumara gave this village this name mallam. The idol is so attractive that you would not want your eyes go anywhere except on that idol. the priests of thus temple chants mantras rhythmically and does a great puja daily. The lord here doesnt have hands ..this is another big story..

once a chola king named pandya bhupathi is visiting this place,he saw bamboo sticks growing on an nathill. he wants to make a palanquin using the he cut the bamboo trees,but what he doesnt know is that lord subrahmanya is sitting and doing penance in the anthill..lord’s hands were cut due to kings mistake and blood started oozing from antshill. to get rid of this sin, king bhupathi constructed a temple here, as said by lord.

there is another story associated with the temple chariot.this chariot is must seen shows the power of architects at that time. the king asked his trusted architects to construct the temple corridor, which looks like chariot.the craftsman constructed it with utmost devotion and dedication.after the work is over, craftsmen wanted to show this magnificent chariot to his lover in thanjavur, so he gave prana to the chariot. the chariot turned 180 degrees to the direction of thanjavur and it is about to run,at same time his father came and saw his son’s foolish act and cut the legs of chariot and also killed his son and himself.the broken legs of horse can be seen even the chariot turned.this place is also called thirugudumallam .

This temple is really powerful and one of d holy sites of lord subrahmanya. There are rooms available here under temple trust fr 100 rupees per day.

Don’t forget this temple..this temple has many stories and powerful god is present inside. So try to visit nd get blessings from Subrahmanyeswaraswamy