hi friends

I have an enthusiasm to visit temples of my religion to see the marvelous architecture of the ancient people of my country.we got a christmas hliday so we planned to visit to srirangam temple where lord vishnu recites in the name of sri ranganatha swamy and goddess Laxmi is called sri ranganayaki here. we were seven members took permission from our warden and started to trichy which is 50 kms away from our university. we reached there with in one and half hours. Though that day is not an auspicious day the temple is fuly covered by people in and out.this is dhanurmasam or margazhi masam ,so normally all the directions of the temples are covered with devotees. the moment we entered the premises the priest announce that the temple is closed @ 10 am and the reopening @ 1 pm so we didnt waste the time. we went to see the goddess laxmi.It is situated in a separate gopuram.it is an old,big and an attractive sitting posture laxmi idol.we took the lessings from her and later saw sudarsana chakra temple.Then we moved to sri ramanujar sannidhi.This sannidhi is of great importance.most of the people in our religion doesnt know it, the ramanujar body is worshiped here instead of idol.yes,u heard correctly, the people worship his physical body, which was more than 800 years old. this shows the power of ramanujar.He attained it through his devotion to the sri ranganathar.later we saw lord rama temple,ram looks handsome in any temple:).words are not sufficient in our language to express his beauty.Then we stand in the lengthy que for the darshan of vishnu,the main diety.about 3 hours we stood int his que.its boring so we timepassed in that que by making jokes on each other(between our friends nly).then the que has moved ,we saw the vishnu in his sleeping posture.we felt the positive vibratons in us while we were in sanctum sanctorum. then we came out of temple and took a bus to our sastra university.